Battle Royal by Lucy Parker is sort-of on sale in the UK

I really liked Lucy Parker’s five London Celebrities books, even though I’m usually not much into contemporary romance. Now Parker has a new book out, Battle Royal – not sure if it will be the start of a series, or just a one-off. In any case, it’s $10.99 in the US right now (boo!), but while looking for other things, I noticed it’s only £3.99 in the UK, and has been at that price point for a while, even pre-publication. So if you live in or can visit the UK, you can save a bit (actually, a lot).

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7 thoughts on “Battle Royal by Lucy Parker is sort-of on sale in the UK”

  1. An omnibus of the first three books in Lucy Parker’s London Celebrities series is on sale for $2.99 in the US right now. It’s called, rather descriptively, London Celebrities Collection. So if you haven’t tried this series, now you can do it for a good price. The titles in the omnibus are: Act Like It, Pretty Face, and Making Up. Woo-hoo! And Parker’s website also says a new book in the series is coming, so an extra woo-hoo!
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  2. The omnibus of the first three books is on sale again in the US, again for $2.99. The links in the comment immediately above are still good.

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