Joffe Books tenth anniversary freebies for the week of 10 June 2024

This week is Joffe Books’ tenth anniversary, and so for this week only, they are having a daily freebie.

The first one, Spite Your Face by Emmy Ellis (Carol Wren series, #1), was yesterday, and I didn’t yet realize that this was going to be a thing for the week.  So I put info in the last comment way at the bottom of this post.    It’s still free as of right now, so you can still try to grab it if you want it!

And today’s freebie is A Nice Class of Corpse, which is the first in Simon Brett’s Mrs Pargeter series.   This is a really fun cozy series that is my favorite of his – just above his Charles Parish series.

Free for now at Kindle US  |  Kindle UK

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning, I think, that Joffe currently has on omnibus of the first eight books in the Mrs Pargeter series on sale for $0.99/£0.99.  It’s been at that price for a while, but I’d still grab it if you want it – kind of an outrageously good price for eight books, all of which I’ve read and really enjoyed.  You can see info and links for that in this previous post.

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