Meant to Be Yours by Susan Mallery is on sale in the US today

Meant to Be Yours is the fifth in Susan Mallery’s Happily Inc series. I don’t read much contemporary romance, but I’ve enjoyed both her Fool’s Gold and Happily Inc series. Meant is on sale for $2.99 at Kindle and Kobo US.

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8 thoughts on “Meant to Be Yours by Susan Mallery is on sale in the US today”

  1. A lot of Susan Mallery’s books go on sale in the UK pretty much every weekend, especially some of her earlier books, and books from her Hometown Heartbreakers, Buchanans, and Lone Star Sisters series. But not so much from her Fools Gold and Happily Inc series. So it’s nice to see one book from each series on sale for £1.99 each right now.
    Finding Perfect, Fool’s Gold #3:
    You Say It First, Happily Inc #1:

  2. A whole bunch of Mallery’s Fool’s Gold titles are on sale for £1.99 each in the UK right now…

    Finding Perfect, #3:
    Only Mine, #4:
    Only Yours, #5:
    Only His, #6:
    Summer Days, #7:
    Summer Nights, #8:
    All Summer Long, #9:
    Just One Kiss, #10:
    Two of a Kind, #11:
    Three Little Words, #12:
    Before We Kiss, #14:
    Hold Me, #16:
    Kiss Me, #17:
    Marry Me At Christmas, #19:
    Best Of My Love, #20, £0.99:

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