All of the Inspector Pekkala books by Sam Eastland are on sale at Kindle UK right now

All seven titles in the Inspector Pekkala series by Sam Eastland (per SYKM, this is a pen name for Paul Watkins) are now £0.99 each at Kindle UK. Links to the series webpage are below, and note that the numbering and order are mixed up on the series webpage – you can look at SYKM for the proper order. And, also per SYKM, there are seven titles, not nine.

Inspector Pekkala series at Amazon UK

And, there is one title, Berlin Red, which shows up on the series webpage at £7.00, but which has a separate link here for a version at £0.99.

The series includes, in proper order (!!!):

  • Eye of the Red Tsar
  • Shadow Pass, apa The Red Coffin
  • Archive 17, apa Siberian Red
  • The Red Moth
  • The Beast in the Red Forest
  • Red Icon
  • Berlin Red

There was an omnibus of the first three titles floating around on sale a while back, and some of the later ones have been on sale before individually, so check carefully before you buy! I’ve read and enjoyed the first three titles in this series – see “omnibus on sale” above 😊

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