Evans Above by Rhys Bowen is on sale in the US

Evans Above is the first title in Rhys Bowen’s first series, the Evan Evans series. It’s a fun cozy series that I read mostly in DTB*, which is a good thing because the e-books in the US run $11.99 each, having gone UP from $7.99 a while back. Which is insane for very old (late 1990s/early 2000s) backlist, and they almost never go on sale – like, I’ve never seen most of them ever on sale. So I almost hesitate to mention that Evans Above has dropped to $3.99 in the US, which is still a bit high for backlist IMO. But worse, if you like it, the rest of the series is going to cost you, unless you can find them at your library or at your local used bookstore, so be forewarned…

Buy at Kindle US | Kobo US

Oh, and Minotaur Books clearly wants to hook you, because Evans Above is also KU, but none of the other titles is. So be doubly forewarned…

*DTB = Dead Tree Book – i.e. a paper book

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