Some interesting Amazon First books this month if you are a Prime member

If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you have a few more days to pick two books for free, as part of Amazon’s First Reads program. There are three that might be of interest in the mystery area, and one fantasy one that looked promising to me too. Of course, YMMV…so I’ve put a link to all ten choices at the end.

Broadway Butterfly by Sara DiVello is described as “Historical Crime” and the blurb indicates it’s based on a true crime.

To Die For is described as a “Thriller”, and the blurb seems consistent with this.

What Never Happened is also described as a “Thriller”, but seems a tad less thrillerish to me – not sure why. I do like the twist (mentioned in the blurb) that an obituary writer might pick up on a series of suspicious deaths quite early on.

Charlie N Holmberg’s The Hanging City is a “Fantasy” pick. I’ve read and liked her Paper Magician series.

Link to the Amazon First Reads webpage for all ten – other genres include self-help, middle-grade, romance, family drama, historical fiction and women’s fiction.

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  1. There are only a couple more days for this month’s Amazon Prime “First Reads”, but there are a few that look interesting, if you haven’t already picked:

    Malibu Burning, Sharpe & Walker #1, by Lee Goldberg, I’ve read a couple of his other books, and they were pretty good, if a bit thrillerish:

    Redemption, Eva “Lightning Dance” Duran #1, by Deborah J Ledford, characterized as a police procedural:

    Salthouse Place, by Jamie Lee Sogn, suspense:

    The Shallows, by Holly Craig, domestic suspense:

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