The Coldest Case by Martin Walker is on sale today in the UK

Woo-hoo! Martin Walker’s latest (2021) in his Bruno, Chief of Police series has dropped to £0.99 at Kindle UK. I like this series a lot, although the last couple have been a little more thriller-ish than the series has traditionally been.

From the blurb, this one, The Coldest Case, looks as if it may be a little more back to the traditional Bruno, as he helps his boss, J-J, re-investigate J-J’s unsolved (and now very cold) first case. Fingers crossed!

This is probably on sale as part of that weird (but much appreciated) UK thing where they put most-recent-in-series titles on sale for £0.99 very briefly, usually only one day, shortly after publication. So go grab it now if you want it – I actually grabbed it before doing this post, which I don’t do very often :).

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9 thoughts on “The Coldest Case by Martin Walker is on sale today in the UK”

  1. Bruno, Chief of Police: The Early Cases contains the first three titles in Martin Walker’s Bruno/Dordogne mystery series:

    Bruno, Chief of Police; apa Death in the Dordogne
    The Dark Vineyard
    Black Diamond

    It goes on sale every couple of years in the UK (don’t think it exists in the US – different publisher), and right now it has dropped to £2.99:

    This is a nice price to try this really great series if you haven’t already…

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