The first seven Eagles of the Empire books by Simon Scarrow are on sale in the UK today

Today’s Big Deal at Kindle UK is the first seven of Simon Scarrow’s Cato/Macro (Eagles of the Empire) books for £0.99 each. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’ve really really enjoyed this series over the years, starting from back when I used to pick up the paperbacks on business trips in the UK because they were almost impossible to find in the US. The characters are fun, and the historical background is always interesting as Scarrow moves Cato and Macro through all the important events of the Roman Empire of their time. The early books also have a mystery element, and that’s where I originally found them in bookstores, but the series has gotten more historical fiction and less mystery as it progressed, IMO. But always great!

The sale titles are:
Under the Eagle
The Eagle’s Conquest
When the Eagle Hunts
The Eagle and the Wolves
The Eagle’s Prey
The Eagle’s Prophecy
The Eagle in the Sand

And here’s the link to the Big Deal webpage

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