The Prince of Secrets by AJ Lancaster is $0.99 right now at Kindle US

A few months ago, I ended up binge-reading AJ Lancaster’s Stariel series, on the recommendation of @worktolive on the MobileRead forums. This fantasy series is in Kindle Unlimited, so if you have a KU subscription, you too can binge-read it for free! If you don’t have KU, or just want to buy anyway if they drop to a good price – the second book, The Prince of Secrets, has just dropped to $0.99 at Kindle US. I do think they are best in order though, so if you don’t have KU, you might want to get this one, tuck it away, and wait for The Lord of Stariel to go on sale/free, which, per eReaderIQ, it does every few months…

The Prince of Secrets, Stariel #2
Buy at Kindle US

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  1. If you’d rather read your Maigret in the original French, here you go….

    Tout Maigret T. 3 regroupe neuf romans parus entre 1932 et 1944. Les livres sont: Liberty bar, L’Ecluse n°1, Maigret, Les Caves du Majestic, La Maison du juge, Cécile est morte, Signé Picpus, Félicie est là, et L’inspecteur Cadavre. A ce moment, c’est à prix réduit a Kindle France, UK et US.

    Kindle US, $6.99:
    Kindle UK, £4.99:
    Kindle France, €5.99:

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