The Religious Body by Catherine Aird is $1.99 at Kindle US

Catherine Aird’s CD Sloan (and Constable Crosby) series is one of my five top favorite series, and now the first title in the series, The Religious Body, is on sale for $1.99 at Kindle US as part of today’s Daily Deal (April 12, 2021). I love the dry British humor in this series, and the plots are fun too. If you’re American, I do think you may need to have a bit (not a lot) of understanding of some British culture (e.g. Guy Fawkes night, life in county England in the post-WWII era) to enjoy some of these, though – or else just be good at deducing some of the background stuff.

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  1. Catherine Aird’s CD Sloan series is now mostly republished (the earlier ones) in ebook by Open Road. And as Open Road titles, they tend to go on sale in the US pretty often, but not so much in the UK. But now here are three omnibuses of series titles on sale in the UK for decent prices (and one on sale in the US also)…

    The Calleshire Chronicles Volume Three, includes Parting Breath, Some Die Eloquent, and Passing Strange, £4.79 in the UK, $2.99 in the US
    Kindle US:
    Kindle UK:

    The Calleshire Chronicles Volume Four, includes Last Respects, Harm’s Way, and A Dead Liberty, £5.99 in the UK
    Kindle UK:

    The Calleshire Chronicles Volume Five, includes The Body Politic, A Going Concern, After Effects, and Injury Time, £4.79 in the UK
    Kindle UK:

  2. The three omnibuses listed in the comment immediately above are on sale again in the UK, this time for £4.79 each. The links are still good. None of the omnibuses are on sale in the US this time, at least as of now…

  3. The Calleshire Chronicles, Volume One, contains the first three titles in Aird’s CD Sloan series. This is a series that I have to read alone, since, even though I’ve read most of the books multiple times, I’m still likely to laugh out loud without warning from time to time.

    The omnibus includes The Religious Body, Henrietta Who?, and The Stately Home Murder (apa The Complete Steel). It has dropped to $3.99 in the US, and it’s discountable at Kobo US!

    Kindle US:
    Kobo US:

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