Three omnibuses of titles in Deryn Lake’s John Rawlings series are on sale in the US and the UK

I’ve quite enjoyed Deryn Lake’s John Rawlings historical mystery series over the years, and the individual titles go on sale pretty often.

But there are also four omnibuses that comprise all of the sixteen titles in the series, four per omnibus. And right now, three of those four omnibuses (the first, second and fourth) are on Kindle Countdown in the US and UK, at $0.99/£0.99 each, for about five more days. (Today is March 8 2021.) That’s $0.25/£0.25 per book, if you need them all !!!

Also, in the UK, the third one is not badly priced at £1.77, but sadly, in the US it’s still full price at $5.99. Go figure!

Link to the page for all four omnibuses: Amazon US | Amazon UK

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