Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Red by Harry Kemelman, e-book on sale in the US and UK

E-books published by Open Road don’t usually go on sale at decent prices in the UK, but now here is Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Red, by Harry Kemelman, on sale for £1.99 at Kindle UK. It’s the fifth title in Kemelman’s Rabbi Small series. This is an older series, but I think it has aged well, and I really still like it. Tuesday is also on sale in the US, for $1.99. But unlike in the UK, it goes on sale pretty often in the US, so that’s not such a big deal. And, in fact, most of the series goes on sale pretty often in the US, so if you like this one, you can keep an eye out for the others!

Buy: Kindle UK | Kindle US | Kobo US

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