A bunch more Felony & Mayhem price drops to $1.99 today in the US

A bunch more Felony & Mayhem price drops to $1.99 today (Feb 23, 2021), enough that I’m not going to provide links for them individually, but am just going to give you a price-sorted link to F&M Press titles, so the $1.99 ones appear up front.

Authors and titles include:
Vintage Murder, Roderick Alleyn #5, by Ngaio Marsh
Singing in the Shrouds, Roderick Alleyn #20, by Ngaio Marsh
Shadow Play, Mak Chik Maryam #1, by Barbara Ismail (features a Malaysian “Miss Marple”, sounds a bit like Ovidia Yu’s Aunty Lee books ???)
The 9 Dark Hours, by Lenore Glen Offord
Jack & Susan in 1953, Jack & Susan #3, by Michael McDowell
The Second-Last Woman in England, by Maggie Joel
A Willing Victim, Ted Stratton #4, by Laura Wilson
Arrow Pointing Nowhere, Henry Gamadge #7,by Elizabeth Daly
The Dragon Murder Case, Philo Vance #7, by S.S. Van Dine (public domain if you live in Canada, or other countries with similar copyright)
A Cruel Necessity, John Grey #1, by L.C. Tyler
A Masterpiece of Corruption, John Grey #2, by L.C. Tyler
Cobalt, Valentine & Lovelace#2, by Nathan Aldyne
The Bohemian Girl, Denton #2, by Kenneth Cameron
The Backward Boy, Denton #5, by Kenneth Cameron

Several of these have been on sale before, but F&M is a lot better than Open Road about not creating new editions all over the place. Still you will probably want to check before buying.

Price-sorted link for Felony & Mayhem Press titles at Amazon US

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