A Conventional Corpse by Joan Hess is on sale in the US

Joan Hess is, I think, better known for her Maggody/Arly Hanks cozy series than for her Claire Malloy series, also cozy.  Personally, though, although both series are fun, I slightly prefer the Claire Malloy books, possibly because I like academic tie-ins, and the Malloy books are set in a fictional academic town.   Academic town of sorts, that is 😊 – light on the academics, and big on the “college experience”.   And Claire’s daughter, Caron, is a treat of a teen-age character, with a habit of talking in Capital Letters.

But, unlike the Maggody books, most or all of which are Mysterious Press/Open Road and go on sale a lot, the Malloy books only rarely go on sale and are mostly $12.99 when not on sale, which is nutso (a highly technical term) for decades old backlist. Which is why it’s nice to see the thirteenth in the series, A Conventional Corpse, on sale in the US for $2.99. And grab it fast if you want it!

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