A couple of books by Virginia Cowles are on sale in the US and UK right now

Virginia Cowles was, per Wikipedia, an American journalist, biographer, and travel writer who reported on the Spanish Civil War and World War II (and the events leading up to WWII). Although she was American, the British government awarded her an OBE in 1947 for her reporting. So, when I noticed two of her books on sale for $0.99/┬ú0.99 at Kindle US/UK, I figured I’d give them a try – or at least buy them and put them relatively high on my TBR list ­čśÇ!

The Astors is the first of three “Dynasties” books she wrote – the others are on the Rothschilds and the Romanovs.
Buy at Kindle US | Kindle UK

The Great Swindle: A History of the South Sea Bubble
Buy at Kindle US | Kindle UK

They are also KU if you have a subscription…

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