All six books in the Jackdaw series by SW Perry are on sale in the UK right now

The books in SW Perry’s Jackdaw series go on sale a lot, so I often don’t post anymore. But it is unusual to see all six, including the newest one, on sale at the same time, in the UK, for £0.99 each. Titles include: The Angel’s Mark, The Serpent’s Mark, The Saracen’s Mark, The Heretic’s Mark, The Rebel’s Mark, and The Sinner’s Mark. Note that all six are on sale at Kobo UK as well…and discountable there too!

Here are links: Kindle UK series page | Kobo UK series page for books 1 – 5 | Kobo UK page for The Sinner’s Mark, which isn’t linked to the series page (at least as of now):

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