All three titles in the first Hidden Legacy trilogy by Ilona Andrews are on sale in the US

All three titles in the first of the Hidden Legacy trilogies by Ilona Andrews are on sale for $2.99 each at Kindle and Kobo US. I would say this is in honor of the next book in the series (part of the second trilogy) coming out, but that’s not going to be until 2022 – so perhaps not? Or maybe it’s in honor of the success of their newest book, Blood Heir – but that’s set in a different series/world entirely, so probably not? In any case, if you like to binge read a series, this sale’s for you…

Burn for Me, #1: Kindle US | Kobo US

White Hot, #2: Kindle US | Kobo US

Wildfire, #3: Kindle US | Kobo US

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  1. Emerald Blaze is $2.99 in the US again today. The links two comments up are still good. The final book in Catalina’s story arc, Ruby Fever, now has a pubication date of Aug 23, 2022, at least per Kindle US. About a month ago IA mentioned on their blog that they had turned in the first draft. It’s amazing how long it can take from that stage to a final publication date.

  2. Wildfire is the third in the Hidden Legacy series, and the wrap-up of the first (Nevada’s) story arc, give or take a wedding novella. It has dropped to $2.99 again in the US. The links in the OP are still good.

  3. Burn for Me is £0.99 again at Kindle UK, probably as part of the new monthly sale for February. The link in the first comment is still good…

  4. Sapphire Flames is $2.99 in the US right now – probably in honor of the sixth (and possibly final) book in the series, Ruby Fever, coming out in August. Ruby Fever completes the second Hidden Legacy (Catalina’s) story arc, and IA are non-committal on their blog as to whether the third sister (Arabella) will get her own book or trilogy. They say Ruby Fever was the hardest book they’ve had to write.
    Kindle US:
    Kobo US:

  5. All of Ilona Andrews’ Hidden Legacy books (Nevada’s and Catalina’s and the novella) are £1.99 at Kindle UK right now, and White Hot is even better at only £0.99. Most of them look as if they’ve been on sale for a while, but I just noticed while on my way to looking for something else.

    And they are NOT on sale in the US, priced at $6.99 and up, mostly up, except the novella…

    link to the series webpage at Kindle UK:
    link to the novella, Diamond Fire:

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