Amazon US Prime 5 dollar credit for 50 dollar e-gift card purchase

I happened to hover over the Prime tab on my Amazon US home page this morning, and found an offer for a $5 credit if I buy $50 worth of e-gift cards. It’s billed as a “Mothers Day” offer, but I don’t see any specific time frame actually mentioned.

I have sent myself a $50 e-gift card, and will come back and post when I get it.

The link was:

And since it says at the top “Congrats, you’re eligible for this offer”, I suspect this may be a generic link. Maybe someone else can come back here and post if it worked for them.

Or else you can try hovering over your own “Prime” tab…

And, of course, as I always do with such offers, I kept a screenshot of the offer in case I have to go argue for it 😊!

2 thoughts on “Amazon US Prime 5 dollar credit for 50 dollar e-gift card purchase”

  1. On another e-book forum that I follow, some folks are speculating that it’s necessary to be sure to page down and click the “Click to apply the offer to your account” button before you buy the $50 gift card, in order to actually get the bonus credit.

    I HAD clicked this, and mine worked, but that’s obviously not proof that I had to click it…but still, better safe than sorry…

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