An audiobook of Sherlock Holmes stories is on sale at Audible US right now – possibly members only

I am not super into audiobooks, but do get an Audible membership on-and-off, when there is good pricing on it, to get audiobooks for commuting. And I’m currently on a membership right now, and just got an email from Audible indicating that there was a Sherlock Holmes audiobook on sale.

When I checked it out, sure enough, The Sherlock Holmes Collection, narrated by Stephen Scalon, all 67 hrs and 44 mins of it, is only $1.77 right now. It does say “membership price”, so I don’t know if this is only for some members, or for any members, but in any case, that has to be one of the cheapest $/minute you are going to see 😁. And it gets 4.6 stars on 145 ratings, which is pretty good, although some commenters indicate it’s as good as the Fry version, and some others say they weren’t wild about Scalon’s narration. In any case, for $1.77, I want ahead and went for it – but haven’t had time to listen as of yet to make up my own mind.

Buy at Audible US

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