An omnibus of all of Janet Neel’s Francesca Wilson and John McLeish books is on sale right now

I’ve really (really) liked Janet Neel’s Francesca Wilson/John McLeish series for ages, but the books, published in the past by “Ostara Publishing”, rarely went on sale. Now they are published by “Joffe Ostara”, and, in keeping with Joffe’s tendencies, an omnibus of all seven titles is available right now for $0.99/£0.99 at Kindle US/UK. And at $0.99 for all seven, I don’t care 😊 that I already had a few of them. And now I’m off to re-find the scene in one of the books where Francesca? someone? gives an older boys’ choir singer a pre-concert slug of gin, to help him hit those high notes for a little while longer, before his approaching voice change – it’s a fall-off-your-chair funny moment 😁!

And I hope this “Joffe Ostara” thing bodes well for a couple of other Ostara authors I like 🤞…

Buy The Complete Wilson and McLeish Mysteries 1-7 at Kindle US | Kindle UK

P.S. Note that the titles have changed from those listed in SKYM, which mostly had “Death” in the title somewhere, to titles that all have “Fatal” in the title…who knows why, and I do wish they wouldn’t do that!

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