An omnibus of all six Augustus Maltravers books by Robert Richardson is on sale right now

I have fond, although somewhat hazy, memories of liking several of the books in Robert Richardson’s Augustus Maltravers series back in “real-paper book” days. And per SYKM, the first in the series, The Latimer Mercy, won the 1985 New Blood Dagger, and per the Kindle blurb it also won the 1985 CWA John Creasey Memorial award.

Now there’s an omnibus of all six of the books in the series going for $0.99/£0.99 at Kindle US/UK. It’s a Kindle Countdown Deal good for five more days and a bit. All of the books in the omnibus have been free/discounted before, so check before you buy – although at that price it could be worth picking up the omnibus even if you only need/want one. And also note that per their annoying tendency, Joffe/Lume books have retitled some of the books. I’m listing the original titles below…

  • The Latimer Mercy
  • Bellringer Street
  • The Book of the Dead
  • The Dying of the Light
  • Sleeping in the Blood, apa Murder in Waiting
  • The Lazarus Tree

Buy at Kindle US | Kindle UK

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