An omnibus of the first five Britt Montero books by Edna Buchanan is on sale at Kindle US

I read most of Edna Buchanan’s Britt Montero series in “real paper” books back in the early 1990s. I really liked the ones I read, which I’d call sort of “journalist versions of police procedurals”, featuring Montero, a Cuban-American crime reporter in Miami, as the protagonist. Now, there’s an omnibus of the first five titles on sale for $4.99 at Kindle US. It includes: Contents Under PressureMiami, It’s MurderSuitable for FramingAct of Betrayal; and Margin of Error. Per SYKM, the second title in the series was a finalist for an Edgar.

Buy The Britt Montero Series at Kindle US

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