Another huge bunch of Felony and Mayhem Press titles on sale for $1.99 each

Felony and Mayhem Press have gone slightly crazy with a whole bunch of titles at $1.99 at Kindle US. Many of these have been on sale before, and so I’m just going to do ones I don’t recognize, or titles where several in a series are on sale, but this isn’t going to be a perfect filter. A number of the books on sale in this previous post are still on sale too. The link at the very bottom will pull them all, with a few strays…

Elizabeth Daly/Henry Gamadge
Murders in Volume 2, #3
The House without the Door, #4
Nothing Can Rescue Me, #5
Any Shape or Form, #9
Night Walk, #12
The Book of the Crime, #16
Caroline Graham/Chief Inspector Barnaby
Written in Blood, #4
Murder at Madingley Grange, non-series
Ngaio Marsh/Inspector Roderick Alleyn
Death in Ecstasy, #4
Death of a Fool, #19
Money in the Morgue (incomplete book finished by Stella Duffy)
SS Van Dine/Philo Vance (public domain in some countries)
The Scarab Murder Case, #5
The Casino Murder Case, #8
Patricia Moyes/Henry and Emmy Tibbett (one of my really favorite series)
Dead Men Don’t Ski, #1
The Sunken Sailor, #2
Death on the Agenda, #3
Murder À La Mode, #4
L.R. Wright/Karl Alberg
The Suspect, #1
Sleep While I Sing, #2
Zoë Sharp/Charlie Fox
Road Kill, #5
L.C. Tyler/The Ethelred and Elsie Mysteries
The Herring-Seller’s Apprentice, #1

There are also a few titles in many of the same series on sale for $2.99 each if you page further along.

Felony and Mayhem Press titles are also discountable at Kobo US, although not always on sale as much as at Kindle. I haven’t checked any of these – if you want to check, you’ll need to look for yourself…

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