Blood in Eden by Peter Tremayne is on sale in the UK

Blood in Eden is the 30th book (2019) in Peter Tremayne’s excellent IMO Sister Fidelma historical series. I’ve really liked this series over the years, from the days when I would pick up the paperbacks in the UK on business trips and read them on the plane home, to now, when they are readily available as e-books. Eden has dropped to £2.99 at Kindle UK.

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  1. In addition to writing the Sister Fidelma series, Tremayne took a stab a few years ago at writing a continuation of EW Hornung’s Raffles series. Although the webpage for The Return of Raffles says it’s the “first of a new series of Raffles adventures from the bestselling pen of Peter Tremayne”, I’m unaware of any more. (This one got sort of middling reviews, so perhaps Tremayne and/or his publishers didn’t see it as worth continuing the effort…)

    In any case, The Return of Raffles is free right now at Kindle US and UK, so you can read it yourself, and see what you think. (Although I love the Sister Fidelma series, I myself haven’t read this one, so can’t offer any opinion…)

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  2. The Shapeshifter’s Lair is the 31st Sister Fidelma title. It’s £2.99 right now at Kindle UK. Books in this series don’t go on sale very often, and this is one of my favorite series, so I’m grabbing this one now, even though I usually don’t like to pay more than £1.99 for a book.

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  3. As mentioned up above, I’m a huge fan of Peter Tremayne’s Sister Fidelma historical series, but the vast majority of his books are insanely priced in the US at $12.99, even the decades old backlist. And they almost never go on sale.

    In the UK, it’s a different story, with most of the books at £3.99 and only a few, mostly recent, at £4.99 or up. So it’s not that much of a sale when a couple of them drop to £2.99, but WTH…here you go…

    Smoke in the Wind, #11
    Kindle UK:

    Bloodmoon, #25
    Kindle UK:

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