Blood of a Gladiator by Jennifer Ashley is free right now in the US

When I first noticed Blood of a Gladiator in my eReaderIQ feed, I figured it had to be a Simon Scarrow title. Imagine my surprise (!!!), when it turned out to be the first book in a new historical series by Jennifer Ashley, whose Captain Gabriel Lacey series, written using the pen name Ashley Gardner, I’ve quite liked. That series started out traditionally published, and then Gardner started self-pubbing it, but I’ve liked all of the ones I’ve read, which is most (maybe all) of them.

I have not read Blood of a Gladiator, but it’s free right now in the US, and Ashley has done well self-pubbing her other series, and if I wait until I have read it, it probably won’t be free anymore. So, if you are sensitive to self-pubbed books, skip the rest of this post… (But it’s free, so if you try it and hate it, just delete it!) And, the description reminds me a little bit of David Wishart’s political Marcus Corvinus books, which are my favorites among that series, so I have my fingers crossed.

Free at Kindle US | Kobo US

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