Category Five by Philip Donlay is free right now

Category Five is the first in Philip Donlay’s Donovan Nash series.   It is free right now in the US and UK.

I somehow ended up reading the most recent book in this series, Speed the Dawn, not too long ago, even though it looked more thriller-ish than I usually go for. I picked it up mainly because it is set on the Monterey Peninsula, where I grew up, and have been visiting a lot again recently for family reasons. The plot was pretty good, with lots of technical detail, and seemed pretty tight to me.  But Donlay’s command of the setting was really something – down to detailed knowledge of topography, obscure roads, etc.  I suspect he either lived there at some point, or knows (well) someone who does.  Overall, I enjoyed Dawn a lot, even without having read the previous books, so I’ll be interested to see what this first book is like.

Buy (actually free, right now) at Kindle US  |  Kobo US  |  Kindle UK

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