Deadly Lies by Chris Collett is free right now at Kindle US and UK

Joffe Books publish a few authors I like: Jeanne M Dams, Veronica Black, and Nicholas Rhea come to mind. And they publish some others who are probably good as well, but that with my too-large TBR list, I just never really get around to trying. And they also do occasional freebies and nice price drops from time-to-time.

Per an email I just got from Joffe today, Deadly Lies, apa A Worm in the Bud, which is the first in Chris Collett’s Detective Mariner series, is free from now until October 14. I haven’t read anything of Collett’s, but for free, who knows…

Free at: Kindle US | Kindle UK | and probably also at some other Amazon country sites, per their email…

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