First three titles in Edward Marston’s Domesday Book series on sale in the UK

Although it wasn’t his first series, the Domesday Book series was the first of Edward Marston’s many series that I read, and it’s still my favorite of his. I have very fond memories of buying the early paperbacks in this series on business trips to the UK, and then pretty much reading them all on my plane flights home to the US. However, the titles have been hard to get in e-book until recently, when it appears he may have gotten the rights back to some/all of them, and they’ve been being issued by Allison & Busby.

Now, as of January 20, 2021, the first three titles are on sale in the UK for £1.49, £1.90, and £1.90 respectively. So if you want to try the first few titles in this series, or even just the first one, now is a good time to do it! And, a little bonus – I don’t usually post cover shots with price drop announcements, but I like the new covers for this series so much that I’m adding one to this post…

The Wolves of Savernake, #1: Amazon UK

The Ravens of Blackwater, #2: Amazon UK

The Dragons of Archenfield, #3: Amazon UK

7 thoughts on “First three titles in Edward Marston’s Domesday Book series on sale in the UK”

  1. The fourth title in Edward Marston’s Domesday book series, The Lions of the North, is on sale right now at Kindle UK for £1.49:

    And also, the first book, The Wolves of Savernake, is still pretty inexpensive at £1.90 in the UK (although not in the US), so if you want to try the first one first, you can, without spending too much money. The link in the OP above is still good.

  2. A big batch of Domesday series books have dropped in price at Amazon UK…
    The Lions of the North, #4, £1.49:
    The Serpents of Harbledown, #5, £1.49:
    The Stallions of Woodstock, #6, £1.49:
    The Wildcats of Exeter, #8, £1.79:
    The Foxes of Warwick, #9, £1.79:
    The Owls of Gloucester, #10, £1.79:
    The Elephants of Norwich, #11, £1.79:

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