Forfeit by Barbara Nadel is on sale at Kindle US

I really like Barbara Nadel’s Inspector Çetin Ikmen series, set in Istanbul, and have been reading it (like several other series) from the time I used to buy paperbacks while on business trips to the UK, since the series was hard/impossible to find in the US. The most recent title in the series is Forfeit (2021), which is on sale right now at Kindle and Kobo US for $0.99. (This is one of those that I bought before doing the post, just to make sure I didn’t miss out…)

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  1. I’ve mentioned liking Barbara Nadel’s Inspector Ikmen series before, and now here is the nineteenth in the series, The House of Four, which has just dropped to £1.99 at Kindle UK.

    And actually, when I looked at the entire series in both the US and UK, I found that most of the titles are pretty reasonably priced at $3.99/£3.99, with a few higher, and a few lower. So if you like the series, you don’t have to spend a lot to binge read! (Oddly, the first couple of titles are among the most expensive, before the third one, which is among the least expensive – you’d think whoever’s doing the marketing might be a little smarter…)

    The House of Four:
    Kindle UK:

    series webpages:
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