House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones is on sale in the US

House of Many Ways is the third in the Howl’s Castle series by Diana Wynne Jones. Even though I think it’s supposed to be YA, I’ve read and enjoyed the first book in this series, Howl’s Moving Castle. So I’m happy to see another title in the series on sale for $1.99 at Kindle and Kobo US.

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  1. The World of Howl Collection contains, as you might guess, the three titles in the Wizard Howl series. It’s on sale right now in the US for only $5.99, which is a really good deal considering the individual titles are usually $9-ish and up, and don’t go on sale very often. So if you need and want all three, buy it now. (Sadly, I have two of the three, so this doesn’t really work for me…although it’s close…)

    This is officially a YA title, but I’ve sure enjoyed reading the two I’ve read…

    Titles include:
    Howl’s Moving Castle
    Castle in the Air
    House of Many Ways

    Kindle US:
    Kobo US:

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