Humble Bundle has a great deal on James Clavell Asian Saga audiobooks right now

James Clavell is not really my thing, but he is lots of other peoples’ thing.   And there is a new bundle of audiobooks of his complete Shogun/Asian Saga series at Humble Bundle, which includes the following:

1. Shogun (split into two audiobooks)
2. Tai-Pan
3. Gai-jin
4. King Rat
5. Noble House
6. Whirlwind
7. Escape

The way Humble Bundle works is that you can choose one of several different prices, and that determines how many of the items in the Bundle you will receive. In this case, to get all eight, you pay $18, which is a really good price for audiobooks if you need/want them all.  You can also pay $10 to get the first four audiobooks, which comprise the first three books, since Shogun is split in two.   Or you can also pay $1 to get only the first half of Shogun !!!  Talk about a cliff-hanger 😁 – I can’t imagine there will be many (any?) takers for that “bundle”.

It’s also worth noting that you also have an opportunity to pay a little bit more, and have the balance go to a charity of Humble Bundle’s choosing.  Info about which charity is currently receiving the donations from this Bundle is on the lower right side of the Bundle webpage.

Here’s a link to the Bundle page, and my thanks to @CactusChef on the Mobile Read forums, whose post alerted me to this deal. Today is April 1, 2024 and this is not an April Fool’s joke, but IS only on offer for about 16 more days.

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