Humble Bundle has a great deal on Murderbot audiobooks right now

If you like Martha Wells’ Murderbot series (or love it like I do), but you prefer to listen to audiobooks, rather than reading on your e-reader, there is a new Bundle of sci-fi audiobooks at Humble Bundle, which includes audiobooks of the first six titles in the series:

  1. All Systems Red
  2. Artificial Condition
  3. Rogue Protocol
  4. Exit Strategy
  5. Network Effect
  6. Fugitive Telemetry

These are read by Kevin R Free, who is the reader for the versions on the Audible platform – I’m not an expert in audiobooks, but these appear to be the same editions.

The way Humble Bundle works is that you can choose one of several different prices, and that determines how many of the items in the Bundle you will receive. In this case, to get the Wells audiobooks, you have to pay at the $20 level, which gives you all 20 audiobooks in the Bundle. It’s also worth noting that you also have an opportunity to pay a little bit more, and have the balance go to a charity of Humble Bundle’s choosing. (Info about which charity is currently receiving the donations from this Bundle is on the lower right side of the Bundle webpage.)

The $20 Bundle also includes 14 other sci-fi audiobooks, several each by AG Riddle and Seth Ring, and individual titles by a number of other authors. I’m not a huge sci-fi aficionado, so I don’t recognize any of the others, but obviously, YMMV. But even if all you want is the Murderbot audiobooks, they are effectively only $3.33 each via this Bundle, which is a great price for audiobooks. And if you do want any of the other books, the price per audiobook only gets better from there!

Here’s a link to the Bundle page, and my thanks to @elaysee on the Mobile Read forums, whose post alerted me to this deal. Today is May 29, 2023 and the Bundle indicates it’s available for 19 more days.

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