Humble Bundle has a great deal on Terry Pratchett books right now

Humble Bundle has a huge Bundle of Terry Prachett Discworld books available right now – the top tier is 38 books for only $18, which is less than 50 cents each if you need all of them, and can still be a pretty good bargain if you only need some of them.  (For example, if you only needed half, that would still be less than $1 per book!)  Thirty-eight books is way too many for me to type all the titles, but there’s a link to the webpage for the deal toward the end of this post, and you can check it out for yourself.

The way Humble Bundle works is that you can choose one of several different prices, and that determines how many of the books in the Bundle you will receive. In this case, you can get 3 books for $1, or 9 books for $10, or you can get all 38 for $18.  The books are then redeemed via Kobo US – you will receive a code and instructions after you purchase. The redemption is a little bit complicated, but totally doable if you follow the instructions. It’s also worth noting that you also have an opportunity to pay a little bit more, and have the balance go to a charity of Humble Bundle’s choosing.  Info about which charity is currently receiving the donations from this Bundle is on the lower right side of the Bundle webpage – right now it’s a charity called Room to Read, which sounds quite appropriate.

Here’s a link to the Bundle page, and my thanks to @GlennD on the Mobile Read forums, whose post alerted me to this deal.  Also this particular redemption appears to be geo-restricted to Kobo US, but if you read some of the posts that follow @GlennD’s there, this may or may not be actually the case.

Today is Jan 14, 2024 and the Bundle indicates it’s available for 18 more days.

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