Ilona Andrews have started another free Innkeepers serial on their blog

The subject line pretty much says it all – a new serial, Sweep of the Heart, is up on the IA blog, with new chapters every Friday: The intro says it’s a novella, and there are two chapters up so far…

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  1. Almost nine months later, the final chapter of Sweep of the Heart just went up, so if you want to read the web serial version, you don’t have very long – all the chapters usually come down rather quickly after the final one is done. Oh, and there is apparently an epilogue, that will only be available via the final book version. Which is good, because, for those who are following along, we didn’t get to find out yet what is going on with Wilmos…or with the corrupted ad-hals, although it seems pretty clear that the ad-hals, at least, will be for the next (and supposedly final) book in the series, whenever IA get to it. But hopefully we get resolution on Wilmos when the book version comes out in December! The link in the OP to the Sweep of the Heart part of the Ilona Andrews blog is still good (for now), and here are pre-order links for the book, which is due out Dec 13:

    Kindle US:
    Kobo US:
    Kindle UK:
    Kobo UK:

    Note that as a self-pubbed book, Sweep of the Heart will probably be discountable at Kobo US, but pre-orders are not discountable, so we’ll have to wait until December to find out for sure…

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