It’s Her Fault by Tony Gleeson is free at Black Cat Mysteries, and also a couple of nice coupons for Wildside Press

Wildside Press and its affiliate/subsidiary/imprint/brand (???) Black Cat Mysteries are offering some Father’s Day deals, including a free copy of It’s Her Fault by Tony Gleeson, and a couple of nice coupons. Details on those below.

I’m quite fond of Wildside Press/Black Cat because they e-publish one of my favorite, but rather obscure, series, the Stone Angel series by Marvin Albert, and also because I like their inexpensive Megapack books, which have nice collections of public domain titles. Sure, public domain titles can often be found free on Project Gutenberg and elsewhere, but sometimes it’s worth a little bit (at least to me) to have one nice easy download of a lot of titles. Of course, YMMV. And WP/BC are also the publishers for some fun “convention anthologies”, like Malice Domestic and Bouchercon.

Anyway, here’s info on the deals:

It’s Her Fault by Tony Gleeson, part of the Frank Vandegraf/Personal Crimes series, free at the Black Cat site, but not at major retailers. You do have to have a BC Mystery account to get it:

And the coupons, which are good only at the main Wildside Press site (, per Wildside publisher John Betancourt:
–> DADSRULE will get you a free 99-cent ebook of your choice, or 99-cents off any order. Coupon will be live on Saturday. (Maybe sooner. It doesn’t hurt to check!)
–> FATHERSDAY will save you 20% on any order over $20. Coupon will be live on Saturday. (Maybe sooner. It doesn’t hurt to check!)
These already (Friday morning) show up on the WP website, but I haven’t tried to use them yet, so don’t know if they are live yet. I also don’t know if the 20% coupon will work on e-books – in the past, often there have been two coupons, one for e-books and one for paper books, but this time there is only the one. When I figure it out, I’ll post in the comments…

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