Joffe Free Friday books for 14 June 2024

After some individual freebies during the past week, in honor of their tenth anniversary, Joffe Books are back to their usual three-books-free-on-Friday thing.  (Which books are often, although not always, really free through the weekend.)  This week’s choices are:

Out of Sight Out of Mind, by Evonne Wareham – described as a psychological thriller – not usually my thing, but YMMV
Free at Kindle US  |  Kindle UK

A Conspiracy of Aunts, a stand-alone by Sally Spencer (pen name for Alan Rustage), who has written several mystery series, some of which I’ve read in DTB and remember fondly, although not very well. But this freebie is a stand-alone that sounds a bit thriller-ish too. But WTH, it’s free…
Free at Kindle US  |  Kindle UK

Pour the Dark Wine, a historical novel by Deryn Lake, whose John Rawlings historical mystery series I’ve liked. But I haven’t read this stand-alone, which isn’t a mystery
Free at Kindle US  |  Kindle UK

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