Joffe Free Friday books for 5 July 2024

Joffe’s Free Friday books this week include a mystery, a romance, and a Roman adventure/thriller.  They are free today, and probably – but not certainly – through the weekend.  Two are relatively recent repeat freebies, but if you missed them the first time, here are links again…

Today’s Free Friday mystery (and one of the two repeats) is Tied to Murder, apa The Christmas Bow Murder, which is the first in the Detective Jim Ashworth series by Brian Battison.
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And the romance was also free a while back.   It’s The House that Alice Built, by Chris Penhall.
 at Kindle US  |  Kindle UK

And finally, the ancient Roman-era adventure/thriller is The Centurion’s Son, which is the first in the Path of Nemesis series by Adam Lofthouse.
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