Kindle UK July monthly deal on crime books has a first-in-series focus

Just when you thought you didn’t need any more books/series to read…the Kindle UK monthly deal on crime books appears to be a first-in-series sale. Most seem to be priced at £0.99, some are more.

I noticed first-in-series books by:
SJ Bennett
James Patterson
Elly Griffiths
Kathy Reichs
Donna Leon
Mick Herron
SW Perry
PD James
Diana Gabaldon (Lord John series, not Outlander)
Steig Larsson
Andrea Camilleri
TE Kinsey
Nora Roberts (Night Tales, not In Death)
Kerry Greenwood
Reginald Hill
Nicola Upson
Fred Vargas
Michael Dibdin
CJ Box (not a first-in-series)
Steph Cha

Also included are a lot of Amazon-published first-in-series, but these go on sale a lot, so I generally didn’t list them. This very incomplete list includes authors to my taste, and/or authors I recognize as being super-popular, so YMMV. If your favorite author isn’t listed, check out the sale anyway – there are 108 mysteries in the sale, so they may be there.

Link to the sale

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