Kobo gift card offer for Father’s Day 2024

Kobo US has a gift card offer right now for Father’s Day, through June 18.  It’s buy $60 get $10 bonus, and seems to be pretty much like all the other recent similar offers.   I tried to include the exact T&Cs in the screenshot at the top of the post, but they’re just too small to read, so here they are:

Offer Details

It does seem, however, that Father doesn’t do as well as Mother  – the Mother’s Day offer only made you buy $50 to get the $10 bonus. (Or, I suppose that could mean Father will do better, since he’ll get a bigger gift card…)

I suspect that there will be similar offers at other Kobo stores (UK, Canada, etc.), but don’t have time to check right now.

Anyway, here’s the link to the Kobo US gift card page, and the offer just shows up for me as a banner ad, a little ways down in the page.

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