Lake Silence by Anne Bishop is on sale in the US and UK

Anne Bishop’s books are a little darker than I usually read when I stray from mysteries into urban fantasy, but for some reason, I can’t stop reading them. Now Lake Silence, which is the first in her spin-off “World of the Others” series is on sale in the US ($2.99) and the UK (£1.99).

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14 thoughts on “Lake Silence by Anne Bishop is on sale in the US and UK”

  1. Anne Bishop’s Crowbones, which is the most recent (March 2022) in her spin-off World of the Others series, has dropped to $5.99 at Kindle US. That’s not a great sale price, and I kind of can’t believe I’m posting it. But it is better than the $14.99 it has been until now. Me, I’ve read it from the library, and I’ll be waiting for a better sale price, but some might not have the library option, or might not be as patient 😃, so here’s the link…

    Kindle US:

  2. Written in Red went up in price at Kindle UK, after being semi-long-term at £1.49. Now it has dropped again, but only to £1.99. Which is still not a bad price. The link in the first comment way up above is still good…

  3. Two recent price drops on Anne Bishop books at Kindle UK, and one that has been on sale all month that I just noticed, and probably goes off sale in a couple of hours (boo!)…

    Etched in Bone, The Others #5, £1.49, recent price drop
    Kindle UK:

    Lake Silence, World of the Others #1, £1.99, probably off sale soon
    Kindle UK:

    Wild Country, World of the Others, #2, also £1.99, recent price drop
    Kindle UK:

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