Lawrence of Arabia by Ranulph Fiennes is on sale in the UK right now

This price drop is probably only for a few more hours, since I’ve been slammed, and didn’t have time to check earlier.  Apologies!

In any case, Lawrence of Arabia by Ranulph Fiennes is £1.99 in the UK as a Kindle Daily Deal, and matched at Kobo UK.

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Lawrence after listening to Al Stewart explain his song, League of Notions, in which Lawrence features prominently (see below), at a live concert, like only Al Stewart can.

The relevant part of the lyrics:

Lawrence of Arabia is waiting in the wings
He’s got some Arab sheikhs and kings
And we’re in debt to them somehow
Lawrence of Arabia has got this perfect vision
Gonna sell him down the river
There’s no time for him now

So I’m happy to see this biography on sale, especially since it’s pretty new, and pretty expensive normally. So if you happen to notice this in the next couple of hours, and are interested, here you go…

Buy at Kindle UK  |  Kobo UK


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