Magic Tides by Ilona Andrews coming January 17 – a review

Some people probably won’t ever relax, even if they think they want to…

Author duo Ilona Andrews have written a follow-on novella featuring Kate Daniels, set about eight years after Magic Triumphs, which is the last formal book in Kate’s series.   The new story, Magic Tides, takes place in Wilmington, NC, where Kate has moved with her husband, Curran, the former Beast Lord; and her son, Conlan, who if not a future Beast Lord, is definitely a future something-or-other!  But although Kate and Curran hope for a somewhat normal life, and have agreed that they will maintain a low profile in their new hometown, trouble has other ideas. 

Shortly after Magic Tides opens, Kate learns that Conlan has become friends with their general contractor’s nephew, Jason, and it seems that Jason’s brother, Darin, has been kidnapped by a local gang.   Kate is happy to have an excuse to get some “exercise”, and sets off to follow the trail of the missing Darin around Wilmington, with stops at various local attractions, including the Cape Fear river (temporary home of a baby kraken), the local chapter of the Order, the nearby training center for the People, and a long-since wrecked cruise ship, the Emerald Wave.   And it soon becomes clear that (1) Kate is still in fine form, (2) it’s not that easy to escape your past when it keeps coming to find you, and (3) “low profile” is never going to happen.   

As with most Ilona Andrews/Kate Daniels tales, there’s a bad-ass main story line with plenty for the peanut gallery to cheer about.   But there are also some somber moments to ponder – such as when Curran helps Conlan think through his visits with his grandfather, or when Kate encounters an old retainer of her father’s who is feeling a bit adrift.    A few old regulars make appearances for die-hard Kate fans, and some new characters (Keelan!) seem to be begging for more story time – and I hope they get it.     All-in-all, Magic Tides works on several levels, and is a sheer pleasure to read.   And although the authors aren’t pre-announcing their plans these days,  hopefully there’s another story or two still to come in Kate, Curran and Conlan’s new hometown.   

Finally, my thanks to the authors and to NetGalley for the advance review copy!

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  1. Magic Tides is $0.99 right now, as part of today’s Kindle US Daily Deal. The link in the OP still works.

    It hasn’t been price-matched, at least as of now, at Kobo US, although you could probably use Kobo’s price-matching guarantee – just be sure to keep screenshots of the $0.99 price with the date showing.

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