Mini review of Robert Kroese’s Mercury series – and some price drops!

Robert Kroese’s Mercury series features a journalist, Christine Temetri, whose job it is to report on various purported End Times. She gets very complacent, because all of the supposed End Times turn out to be fake…until one day one turns out to be the real thing. And the real one comes complete with a very distractible angel, Mercury, sent from heaven specifically to prepare for the end of the world. Although I mostly read mysteries, I really enjoyed this five-book-and-couple-of-novellas series – it’s LOL funny, but also a bit thought-provoking from time to time, which is a mix I really like.

However the reason I’m doing a (very mini) review for the series right now is that all five of the books and one of the novellas are on sale for $0.99 at Kindle US. And the other novella, the prequel novella, Mercury Begins, is free right now, so if you want to try the series risk-free, you can! (In the UK, several of the books and novellas, but not all, are on sale for £0.99, and Mercury Begins is free in the UK also.)

Other than Mercury Begins, the series titles are: Mercury Falls, Mercury Rises, Mercury Rests, Mercury Revolts, Mercury Shrugs, and the other novella, Mercury Swings
Find the five-book series at Amazon US | Amazon UK
Find the prequel novella, Mercury Begins, at Amazon US | Amazon UK
Find the other novella, Mercury Swings, at Amazon US | Amazon UK

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