Murder and Mendelssohn by Kerry Greenwood is $2.99 in the US right now

Murder and Mendelssohn is the 20th and most recent (2013) in the Phrynne Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood – at least until the new title comes out in June, after quite a hiatus…

It has dropped to $2.99 at Kindle and Kobo US, and it’s also discountable at Kobo.

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13 thoughts on “Murder and Mendelssohn by Kerry Greenwood is $2.99 in the US right now”

  1. The first book in the Phrynne Fisher series, currently called Cocaine Blues, is $1.99 in the US right now (and discountable at Kobo). Links, and some previous alternate titles, are in the comment four above…

  2. A whole batch of books in Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher series have recently dropped to $2.99 at Kindle US, but sadly not at Kobo US, at least as of now, where they would be discountable. But, $2.99 is a pretty good price, and some of these don’t go on sale very often, so if you’re looking to plug some holes, take a look. A couple of early ones, but mostly later in the series.

    Nine titles is too many for me to type out and do all the links, but here’s a link to the series webpage:

    And then when I was checking Kindle UK for this, just for fun, I noticed that Murder in Williamstown, which is the twenty-second and most recent book (2023), is on sale in the UK for £0.99, probably just for today.

    Kindle UK:
    Kobo UK:

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