Murder at the Arizona Biltmore by Edward Marston is on sale at Kindle UK right now

Edward Marston is the author of a gazillion different mystery series – he’s starting to rival Paul Doherty 😁…

Some of them I’ve quite liked (Domesday Book, Redmayne/Bale), and a couple I’ve been kind of meh on. Now he has republished an old two-book series, from the 1990s, originally written using his real name, Keith Miles. Per SYKM, it features “Merlin Richards, [a] 1920s young Welsh architect in Phoenix, Arizona” – which in-and-of-itself might be enough to read it, just to figure how how a Welsh architect got to Phoenix in the 1920s.

In any case, the first in the series, now titled Murder at the Arizona Biltmore, but originally published as Murder in Perspective, has dropped to £0.99 at Kindle UK right now.

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