Murder at the God’s Gate and Slayer of Gods, both by Lynda S Robinson, are on sale in the US

Slayer of Gods is the sixth and last in Lynda S. Robinson’s Lord Meren series, set during the reign of Tutankhamun, in ancient Egypt. I really liked this series years ago when I read these as real-paper books, so I’m happy to see this one drop to a reasonable backlist price ($1.99) at Kindle US, although not at Kobo US. Note that there are now two different versions of this, with different covers, so make sure you get the right one (Hachette/Mysterious Press).
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And in the “newer” version of this series, from Open Road/Mysterious Press, the second title, Murder at the God’s Gate, is also $1.99 at Kindle US, but not at Kobo US. The Open Road/Mysterious Press versions all seem to have been published quite recently, on May 18, 2021. As I mentioned above, I really like this series, so I’m hopeful that now that they are Open Road titles, they will all eventually drop at various times to $1.99, as most Open Road titles do ?!
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5 thoughts on “Murder at the God’s Gate and Slayer of Gods, both by Lynda S Robinson, are on sale in the US”

  1. Another title in Lynda S Robinson’s Lord Meren series has dropped to $1.99 at Kindle US. This time it’s the third one, Murder at the Feast of Rejoicing. Thank you, Open Road, for picking up this series, which I really like, and putting the titles on sale from time to time ?.

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  2. Five of the six books in Lynda S Robinson’s Lord Meren series have dropped to $1.99 each right now at Kindle US. As mentioned above, these are Mysterious/Open Road, so they go on sale a lot, but it’s unusual to see so many on sale at one time. Sadly, they aren’t on sale at Kobo US, where they would be discountable, although they do go on sale there too from time to time.

    Link to the series webpage: Kindle UK:

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