Some Open Road public domain books are free right now in the US

Open Road Media has quite a selection of public domain books that are (my experience) decently formatted and readable.   And a few years back, Open Road used to have a different one free every week but then that dropped off. Or maybe I just quit noticing them, since they were starting to repeat the freebies pretty often 😁.

Just now, though, I noticed one free again in my eReaderIQ list, that went free on March 1, and then when I went looking, I found one more that also went free on March 1. So maybe they are doing a couple a month now? Anyway, here are the two, both non-fiction:

The Land of Little Rain, by Mary Austin
Free (for now) at Kindle US  |  Kobo US

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, by Mary Wollstonecraft
Free (for now) at Kindle US  |  Kobo US

And for bonus, there’s a Open Road public domain fiction short story free right now too, The Vampyre, by John William Polidori.

Free (for now) at Kindle US  |  Kobo US


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