Presale on Dust Born by Elizabeth Hunter – three days only

I’ve read several of Elizabeth Hunter’s books, and my favorites definitely are the books in her Cambio Springs series, which, although they are technically romances, in my mind are also a very enjoyable mix of urban fantasy (actually, I suppose, desert fantasy) and mystery. And right now, per an email from the author, the newest in the series, Dust Born, is on sale from her own website for the next three days, before it’s officially published on October 24 and vanishes into Kindle exclusivity. And, even better, the sale price includes a novella in the same series, Slings and Arrows, featuring the same lead characters, Sean Quinn and Juniper Hawkins. The novella has been in a previous short story compilation, so it’s not new, but if you don’t have it, this is a great way to pick it up too.

Elizabeth has been kind enough to provide me with an advance review copy, and I’m about half way through right now, and loving it. So…check back soon here for my review. But in the meantime, I’m far enough along to be able to definitely say that if you like a light-hearted mystery/romance/shifter fantasy, you’ll like Dust Born.

And here is the link to the Elizabeth Hunter store for the sale.

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