Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy and Larry Bond – a short review

Red Storm Rising is a bit of an odd-ball among Tom Clancy’s books, not just because it was co-written with Larry Bond and isn’t part of the Jack Ryan series. It’s a stand-alone that details what World War III, between the US and Soviet Union, might have looked like, IF (and it’s a big if), WWIII never went nuclear. This is my favorite of Clancy’s books, a little bit ahead of the much better known Hunt for Red October and a couple of his other early Jack Ryan books. (My politics and Clancy’s don’t mix, and his later books got too political/xenophobic for me.)

I remember reading somewhere that Clancy and Bond wrote Red Storm Rising after basically war-gaming it out, and the level of detail is amazing. Per Wikipedia, Clancy wrote most of the book, and he keeps things going through hundreds of pages with multiple battle theatres, multiple national capitals, and all sorts of technology that looks pretty prescient now – and he still makes it into a page turner! So if you have a long airplane flight coming up post-pandemic, or even just a week at the beach, this is the book for you!

And, luckily it’s on sale right now (March 17, 2021) in the US for $1.99!

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