Rehearsing For Death, apa Peckover Joins the Choir, by Michael Kenyon is free right now in the US and UK

Rehearsing For Death, which seems to be a re-titling of Peckover Joins the Choir, is the seventh in the Inspector Peckover series by Michael Kenyon. It’s bad enough when there are different editions of the same book, so it doesn’t necessarily show up that you’ve bought it before. It’s even worse when they change the entire title. Grrrr!

In any case, though, whatever you want to call it, it’s FREE right now at Kindle US and UK…

Free at Kindle US | Kindle UK

4 thoughts on “Rehearsing For Death, apa Peckover Joins the Choir, by Michael Kenyon is free right now in the US and UK”

  1. Another freebie from Michael Kenyon’s Inspector Peckover series. This time it’s Cradling Death, which is a re-titling (sigh!) of Peckover Holds the Baby, which was first published in the 1980s. It’s nice that it’s free, so it makes it a little less important that Lume Books have completely changed the title, because it’s not a big deal if you “buy” it again. But still, it’s quite frustrating in general when titles get changed beyond recognition…
    Kindle US:
    Kindle UK:

  2. A Free Range Wife is the third in the Peckover series, but it has been re-issued with the new title, No Mercy. And for some mistaken reason, it’s now labeled as the ninth in the series. But if you read the descriptions, it’s clear they are the same book, and furthermore, the blurb for No Mercy indicates it was previously published as A Free Range Wife. Whew! So…

    In any case, the No Mercy version is free right now at Kindle US and UK.

    Kindle US:
    Kindle UK:

    And note that the separate, still-existing, entry for A Free Range Wife is NOT on sale, so don’t grab that one by mistake!

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